Archive | April, 2013

Setting great goals and making them come true!

“If one does not know to which port he is sailing, no wind is favorable.” Seneca, circa AD 50 Having good goals is important. And yet, most attempts at goal setting end in failure. Does this mean goal setting is a waste of time? Yes and no. If all you do is set a goal, […]

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12 Habits of Happy People

Act happy – even if you don’t feel it. A smile gets other smiles which makes a lightened happy heart. Enjoy the moment. Happiness is seeing the wonder and recognizing the special things that are happening every moment. Smell the roses, talk to a tree. Get outside. Is it daytime? Step outside and look at […]

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10 Tips to keep your life on track

So how do you balance your life? We all experience stress and not enough time to get things done. We also forget to take a step back and reflect and add some enjoyment into our crazy everyday routine. So herewith some tips to keep your head above water. Be Goal Driven. Don’t just have your […]

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