About me

hendre_van_der_merweAfter spending nearly 15 years in the fitness industry, like many of us, I found that I was looking for more. I loved so many components of what I did, but there was a part of me that felt something was missing. I got to a stage in my life where if I didn’t create some change, I would not fulfil my calling, which felt to me, relatively soul-less.

During school I was crazy about sport, whatever I could play I played, and not only played but excelled at it. Rugby was in my blood and that is what I wanted to do when I left school. I went on to play scrumhalf for SA Students and SA Under 21 teams, and then Western Province and Boland. I realised after a few years that I wanted more from life, and I started to question whether rugby was what I wanted to do as a career. I decided then to go and study Human Movements and having graduated from the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, I opened my own training studio in the Southern suburbs of Cape Town. In working with my clients, I had come to realise that the psychology of getting somewhere had a bearing on their training. Their head space had to be right to reach their training targets. I came to see that the physical act benefitted from my clients mental state, and to get the best out of my clients I was training, I decided to study life coaching.

I was also at the time driving myself to a standstill, over exercising, over working and over training. I eventually hit a brick wall and realised that I had to slow down and take stock of my life. I went to various medical doctors and had numerous consultations with other medical practitioners who had no answers for me. I eventually went to a Kinesiologist, who identified that I had adrenal fatigue. She warned me that if I did not slow down I would continue to suffer from the adrenal fatigue that was plaguing me. She muscle-tested me and helped me work through this fatigue. As she is also intuitive, she picked up that I was not fulfilled in what I was doing, and that I wanted to help people to find purpose, balance and direction in life, and the best way to do this was to use Kinesiology. I listened and I took her advice and went on to study to become a specialised Kinesiologist.

My experience of owning my own fitness practice, my experience as a Life Coach, and my own personal experience of overcoming the adrenal fatigue has helped me in my new life as a specialised Kinesiologist. I incorporate Kinesiology with professional life coaching and other techniques which result in powerful results for my clients across a broad spectrum of life issues from physical pain through to emotional pain; career through to relationships; depression through to learning issues and everything in-between! Kinesiology encompasses the whole functionality of what it is to be a human – it’s about the physical, emotional, mental, structural, and biochemical – everything that affects us on a daily basis.

My Kinesiology experience, training and passion; coupled with my enthusiasm for making a difference will leave you confident you’re in the right hands. I work with physical movement as well as the mental, emotional, physical and energetic systems of a person. I have a broad base of training and can work in many different ways with people of all ages, drawing in techniques from many different, non-invasive modalities, such as Chinese medicine and the five elements, acupressure, reflexology, chakra work, sound balances, colour balances, craniosacral work, neuro-organisational technique, body polarity, pulse points, crystals, essences, eye modes and even conventional adjustments from physiotherapy. In fact, whatever you need in order to treat yourself holistically and put your whole system on the path to an in perfect balance.

The Mani mantra is widely used and is open to anyone who feels inspired to practice it, personally I have found practising this mantra on a daily basis hugely beneficial to the way I live my life. Click here to download.