How I coach and what to expect from me as your coach

Live WheelAs your Life Coach my focus and commitment will be completely on you and what you want in your life: you are just as important to me as the goals you set.

As your Life Coach I will help you identify what it is you want, what’s holding you back, and how you can live a life that is more fulfilling and enjoyable. Getting a fresh perspective from an objective point of view who won’t judge you, hold anything against you, or just tell you what you want to hear, can give you the boost you need to get real, get honest, and get moving.

As you Life Coach, I don’t provide therapy. I don’t heal deep emotional wounds or ruminate over past relationships or losses. I don’t get lost in the past or spend excessive amounts of time on issues that aren’t productive at really moving you forward.

As your Life Coach our sessions are future-focused and interactive. You are the driver of the bus, and you are your own Life Manager. I stay focused on the present situation, stay focused on the desired outcome, and stay focused on moving forward, toward the end result.

I don’t tell you what to do (although I may make suggestions.) I don’t set your goals for you but I will help you. I don’t tell you how to run your business, how to live your life, or how to lose weight. Instead, I believe that you already hold most of the answers, probably already know what you should do, and may benefit from some simple guidance, direction, and planning.

Together with me, you will choose where you want to focus your energy, what you want to work on, and how you will do it. I may suggest assignments or exercises to help you move through the process, but the choice is ultimately yours, as are the positive results. I can be your biggest fan, your greatest resource, and a great source of strength, insight, and clarity as you become clear about who you are, what you want.

I will encourage, challenge, question, make requests, actively listen and give feedback to help you stay focused in regard to your goals and vision for your ideal life.