How Kinesiology works

MUPKinesiology is unique to each client’s individual problems, issues, blocks and life experiences.

A person can be compared to an equilateral triangle with equal value on mental (patterns, thoughts, ideas, dreams) emotional (feelings, sensations, defenses), physical (structure, neurology, chemicals) and spiritual (meridians, chakras, beliefs) elements which is known as the Model of Universal Principles (MUP).

The focus is on finding and alleviating the causes behind the symptoms. Once the cause is identified through muscle testing, different processes are used to remove the related stresses, and the body and mind are free to heal.

A Kinesiologist does this by using muscle testing which is a biofeedback mechanism to “read” what is going on within the individual as a whole. This means that a Kinesiologist does not diagnose but communicates with the body/being to detect the priorities and needs for healing each individual.

Everything you have experienced through your entire life is stored in what is called cellular/muscle memory. Also stored with the experiences are the related emotions and stresses that occur simultaneously. Muscle testing obtains a neurological response that leads to the source or trigger of the problem and in turn directs to the solutions to correct the ‘imbalances’ in the body.