How to get the most from Coaching

Life CoachingBe clear on what you want – Coaching works best when you know what you want and have clear goals. Sometimes we want change but are not sure of the goals. Coaching can help and there are many techniques and tools we can use to work out your ideas, goals and values. This document contains a coaching preparation form that will really motivate you with this before your introduction session.

Be prepared to learn and grow – Through coaching many clients make new discoveries about themselves. You will be able to make adjustments to your goals that fit in with what you learn and how you want your life to grow. Don’t be concerned about new discoveries as it’s a natural part of the new life you are trying to create.

Be willing and committed – At times I will ask things of you, sometimes a lot but not more that you can handle (if I do please say so). I will ask you to set higher goals as you reach current ones. I will ask you to raise you standards, tell the truth always, be open to new ideas or perspectives and be willing to experiment with new approaches. It’s up to you. Your personal growth will be a result of how much you are prepared to try new things and how far you are prepared to reach. You will need to decide what is best for you and I will support you in your choices.

Do your homework – Each session you will decide on the action you will take for the coming week. I will hold you accountable for the commitments you make at the previous sessions and expect you to live up to your commitments. If you’re going to have a busy week please let me know and we can set more attainable objectives. If you have time you may choose to work on larger tasks. Either way I will expect you to stick to your commitments and will encourage you to always do your best.