Kinesiology and emotional healing

kin_7Although Kinesiology can work for all kinds of stress and pain, I specialise in emotional wellbeing, which includes issues such as: life path direction, anxiety and depression, anger management or feeling stuck and just wanting to simply get on with your life.

Do you want to know why? Do you want to understand yourself better? Do you want to understand your life better? Do you know what you want but just can’t seem to make it happen? You seem stuck or blocked or not sure of the first step. Are there too many choices or the only choices you have appear all wrong? Do you feel locked into anxiety, depression or anger with no sense of relief or way to move on? Do you cry all the time or can’t cry even if you wanted to?

Using muscle testing, intuition and insight, I will help you to identify the actual trigger for why you feel like you do and supply the healing you need. This happens at your pace, when you are ready for it.

Pain is actually a message from your body, telling you that something is not quite right in your life. It’s your personal reminder to make changes.

Sometimes these reminders are of a physical or structural nature. Have you been pushing yourself too much? Research has shown we are less able to think when we are in pain, so it becomes doubly important that we deal with and find ways to alleviate our pain.

Sometimes pain occurs as a result of emotional upsets or stress. Every Kinesiology balance will explore the emotional content of your pain. This will allow you to make permanent changes to your body, your environment or your life-style as necessary, which will create the long-term relief you’ve been searching for. This means you don’t need to keep coming back to ‘fix’ the pain, but that we ‘fix’ the cause.