Kinesiology and nutritional intolerance imbalances

kin_5Kinesiology is a fantastic tool for identifying allergies and sensitivities, whether it is a specific food, a group of foods or a chemical substance. Modern living has given us a time where food sensitivities and allergies are rife (chemical sensitivities included). Most of us encounter food sensitivities at some time or other during our lives. The severity of our reaction may alert us to the problem, yet often the culprit is difficult to pinpoint. Unfortunately, in many cases we are not aware that certain foods (or chemicals) are creating imbalances. There are many different reasons why we have reactions to foods or chemicals. Sometimes avoiding these products is simply not enough. You may have already identified what causes your reactions, or it may be too difficult to pinpoint.

Regardless of how much you already know about your reaction, Kinesiology will help you narrow down the troublesome product and help desensitise your body to it. This way, if you do accidently consume or come into contact with the offending product, your reaction should be lessened (or even non-existent).

A Kinesiology session will help to identify exactly what the substance is that causes the reaction, it will help desensitize your body to that substance, and it will help provide alternatives that create harmony in your life. A Kinesiology session will also help identify any vitamin or mineral deficiencies and I would be able to recommend the suitable supplement your body needs.