Kinesiology for children

kin_6How to help your child be happy at home and school

Childhood can be a wonderful part of our lives. It is a time of immense growth and learning. Each new challenge your child overcomes helps build their character and self esteem. Sometimes stress is too great for the child’s resources to deal with. Some children are just naturally better at handling stress than others. Kinesiology improves your child’s ability to deal with stress. A child who is experiencing high stress levels often has trouble focusing and learning. Allergies and nutrient deficiencies also affect our ability to learn. Kinesiology will help your child to deal with Hyperactivity, ADD & ADHD, Low self-esteem, Anger Management, Learning difficulties, Clumsiness, Concentration levels, Behaviour problems and Allergies.

Every experience in your life has some effect upon you. Starting from the time you were in your mother’s womb to the moment you are reading this. Things that can affect children’s learning and growing include:

  • a stressful pregnancy
  • a traumatic birth
  • medications and operations
  • accidents
  • family trauma, relationship difficulties, blended families, sibling rivalry
  • allergic reactions, toxic overload, nutritional deficiencies,

Any or all of these things can cause distress to your child. Kinesiology identifies the significant issues in your child’s life and provides real solutions and healing for them. Why one person handles stress better than another is a bit of a mystery to us all. Kinesiology gives you and your child the opportunity to change the way you handle stress in your life and for you to both enjoy this very precious time of their childhood.

When relevant, I will teach you and your child simple activities to improve brain integration, co-ordination, help relieve emotional distress, activities that calm, and lots more.

How will my child benefit?

Every child comes to Kinesiology at a different starting point. Therefore every child will receive benefits particular to their story. As a parent you will benefit by having more peace and calm in the house, less time spent on worrying and more time spent on loving.

  • Less aggression, better able to deal with anger and frustration.
  • Some children find it hard to express negative emotions. If they haven’t found an acceptable way to show their anger you may be used to seeing and hearing outbursts that seem like huge over-reactions. They may not even realise there is another better way to express themselves. They will also be less teary and better able to communicate feelings and needs this give them the ability to be more able to let go of things that don’t go their way.
  • Calmer, more focused, better able to concentrate.
  • Because these activities promote brain activity, it will be easier for your child to think. They will develop a better memory and start to enjoy learning giving benefits in reading, writing and maths.
  • Fewer and reduced reactions to foods and other allergens.
  • The healing will strengthen and fine-tune their immune system. Knowing what foods or products to avoid gives your child a huge head start when dealing with allergies.
  • Better sleep.
  • Ever noticed how you sleep much better when you feel really relaxed? It’s the same with children. The whole experience is geared towards reducing stress levels in your child.
  • Improved co-ordination, better balance, improved sporting performance.
  • Brain integration is really important for all these things. Both fine motor skills and gross motor skills can improve.