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Read what others have to say about Kinesiology and how powerful this is…

I was first introduced to Hendre a few months ago and found it difficult to believe the changes that occurred – and are still occurring in my life. My reason for visiting Hendre initially was to help me with anxiety, and I found that Kinesiology not only helped resolve my health issues, but also somehow had far reaching effects on other areas of my life as well. I could not begin to explain how and why, all I know is that it works for me.

After a destructive divorce, I felt that I would never find direction and get my life on track again. Hendre re-ignited my resourcefulness and passion for life, for which I will be eternally grateful.

I was referred to Hendre van der Merwe, for my son who is 11 years old, who was born with a breathing problem and was in and out of hospital since birth. It is now 1 year later, and he has shown such a marked improvement, it’s amazing to see! Besides, being a mentor for him, Hendre has managed to sort out his leg, so that he didn’t require an operation. His immune system is stronger, so that the recurring chest infections are much less now. In fact, his overall demeanour has changed, he is much more at ease, tends to communicate much better, is getting better and stronger by the day… There are many Kinesiologists out there, and I respect the profession greatly, but Hendre adds a personal touch to his work.

We, have been seeing Hendre for a year now and he provides a safe, nurturing environment, in which to explore your limiting beliefs, create lifestyle changes, address physical ailments in the body and lots more! My husband, has seen a noticeable change in the way that he handles stressful situations now and his overall health has improved, I too, have seen an improvement in the way that I cope with my everyday situations, we recommend Kinesiology to people on an ongoing basis, not only because we know it really works, but also because we know that Hendre is really good at what he does!

Hendre’s sessions have helped ease my stresses and also have helped motivate me to believe in myself and grow from within.

I find my sessions with Hendre to be professional. Kinesiology with Hendre is intriguing as the body always knows in its infinite wisdom and Hendre is very good at interpreting and balancing me.

My experience with Hendre is that I have been able to talk to someone I can trust whilst at the same time receiving balanced and diplomatic feedback. This has helped me solve problems in the best way forward for me. The combination of life coaching and Kinesiology is fantastic as both your mind and body are balanced together.

My experience with Hendre …. He is like a ray of sunshine that fixed my son’s acne problem caused by an anger issue and he helped my daughter believe in herself and achieve an amazing result in her RAD intermediate ballet exam. He also helped me release a lot of anger and resentment around my relationship with my father. I have referred so many friends to him that he has helped in various ways too. Thanks Hendre.

Hendrés Kinesiology sessions are a healing treat for ones body and soul.

Hendre van der Merwe is the real deal, a highly skilled and effective practitioner of Kinesiology, which he combines with powerful intuitive and natural energy healing abilities. Moreover, he’s exceptionally comfortable in his own skin, which makes an hour spent in his company a very positive experience.

I went to Hendre with a problem with my right foot, it was aching and my hamstring was troubling me so much that I could not run. I came to realise that the treatment went deeper than the aches and pains my body was expressing. Over the time I saw Hendre I was guided on the road of a personal transformation that I know will stand me in good stead in my life. It was unexpected journey to an important, life-changing destination.

Just being with Hendre is healing. Shifts happen and life is rosier. Thank you so much Hendre

Every week I look forward to the sessions I have with Hendre. It`s a time when everything is about You, a time to open up to yourself, to find yourself. A time to stop your hectic life and reflect on what is essential. A time to find the balance and the energy to cope with everydays challanges. Hendre does not lead the way, he rather guides you to figure it out yourself where your path leads you. He gently nudges you in the right direction, he gives you advice and support. I especially like his background in sport and personal training as he has helped me to take my training to another level and deals with possible injuries. In these 6 months I have found more balance in my life and become a happier person, I feel more connected with my children and I have progressed at work. I have found all that within myself, Hendre just helped me find it.

My son who is 8 years old describes his sessions with Hendre as – “It’s like eating a healthy vegetable” and “Mom it makes me feel so calm”.

Hendre is the one to go with any problem, no matter how serious and no matter of what kind – stress, depression, relationship issues, trauma etc. He links the past to the present and physical and emotional. Hendre is perfect for long term and short term problem solving and even if there is no real problem in particular, he makes getting past obstacles in life easier and is great to just talk to if you feel like getting anything off your shoulders, if you need advise , guidance, confidence boost or just a listening ear. The sessions are easy going on a personal, comfortable level and everything and anything can be spoken about with guaranteed confidentiality. Hendre has helped me a lot with dealing with problems and every day challenges and even things which I thought not serious even to matter.