What to expect during a Kinesiology session

Kinesiology sessionOften people want to know exactly what will happen before they can be comfortable or trust in the new situation. Imagine a massage therapist trying to describe in detail what it’s like to have a massage. It’s almost impossible to describe the sensation and the resulting outcome with words. Until you’ve had a massage you really don’t know what it ‘feels’ like. It is somewhat the same for Kinesiology.

A treatment can bring you a real revelation; the ‘aha moment’, like a flicking of the switch. One minute you don’t understand and feel as though you have no choice and are stuck, and the next minute it’s as clear as day, the right choice presents itself and you’re ready to move on. Or it can be a slow building up of information and patterns so that the healing seems to just gradually happen – like a wave washing over you and bringing with it a sense of peace and contentment.

  • The first consultation includes time for your story. Your story is vital information.
  • Next I usually ask you to lie on the massage table. This is normally the most comfortable position for clients, though the treatment can also be given seated or standing. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to take off your shoes.
  • Initial muscle testing ensures that the bio-feedback circuit from your muscles to the brain and visa-versa is working and accurate. Muscle testing is non-invasive and it doesn’t hurt.
  • I have used muscle testing directly with 3 year olds right up to 85 year olds. For young children I normally work with the Mum or Dad, but all children are different and are often unpredictable.
  • After that it is a unique process. As every person is different, so are your healing needs. The process ensures you know what you want and you have the right attitude to achieve it. We deal with the issues of accepting change and being determined to make the changes.
  • We always summarise the session, find any support you need to make these changes happen and look at when you will have a follow-up.
  • The follow-up sessions are based on your individual healing requirements.