Why try Kinesiology and who can benefit?

KinesiologyKinesiology is for anyone of any age who is looking to improve their experience of life. Everyone can benefit from Kinesiology,  from babies, children, teenagers, to athletes, the disabled. The elderly, the injured, the unwell, and even when someone cannot be muscle tested or are unconscious a ‘surrogate’ can be used. Energy balancing brings a person closer to achieving any goal or ambition of their choice whether it is in sport, relationships, learning, career, finances, health, ailments or coping with life in general.

There are many reasons to choose Kinesiology. It is an effective method of healing for just about any pain or stress. Many people try Kinesiology out of curiosity or as a last resort as nothing else has worked. Kinesiology looks at the person as a whole – not just the presenting symptoms, but everything that brings a person to the here and now today.

Kinesiology works successfully on many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and issues such as:

emotional problems, stress, depression, inability to get through a grief or trauma, relationship difficulties (personal, family or friends), self esteem, self confidence, life purpose, assisting with easy expression of emotions and how best to deal with them connecting with heart space (heart and head) realising your potential, expressing your unique self, food allergies and sensitivities, fatigue and chronic tiredness, lacking energy, sleep disturbances or insomnia, digestive disorders, chronic constipation, nutritional problems, sinusitis, headaches, skin problems, lymphatic or hormonal and immune problems, allergies phobias, addictions, Pain: neck, back, muscle or joint Persistent or recurring injury recurring infections breathing difficulties Eczema, rashes and skin conditions/irritations soul centre balancing yin and yang, meridian and accupoints, chakras.

So it stands to reason that some of the results that you can expect are:

success, relief of allergies, general sense of happiness and well being, improved relationships, restores motivation, increases energy levels, focus and concentration, improve your experience of life, experience personal empowerment, sense of freedom, pain relief (back pain, headaches etc), stress relief, improved health, improved sleep, dissolving old scars – physical and emotional, enhanced mental ability and memory, alleviate depression and emotional upsets, strengthen digestion and nutrition absorption, assist in hormonal / fertility issues and increased immune function.

In children it can help with learning difficulties, ADD, ADHD, concentration problems, coordination and balance problems and overall function of the body. (Refer to Kinesiology for children).

Kinesiology benefits include increased vitality, prevent illness, improve posture, relief of physical pain and tension, release and management of emotions and stress, enhanced brain function and co ordination, discover individual nutritional needs and sensitivities.

The results are truly amazing! Kinesiology brings awareness and insight by finding solutions. Balancing your energies it enhances your ability to clarify what you truly want, to make choices and attract you to the things and people that will support you in your life purpose.